Saturday, July 18, 2009

Are you starting-up your own business?

When starting a new business, the organisation and planning are decisive factors upon the success of your company and this is the time when you need to make sure that absolutely everything is ready to start trading. Your business plan, finance, legal documentation, recruiting, the business location and an effective marketing plan to draw in sales, must all be in place. It is common that start-up businesses tend to omit this last step either because they don’t have the marketing skills to write a plan, don’t have the budget to pay a freelancer to do it or don’t have the time to dedicate to all the research and plan production. What they forget is that, by omitting this important step before starting trading, they are not prepared to bring in sales, don’t have a structured document in place that details the steps to take in the first year, don’t have a clear understanding of what their target market is looking for, don’t have the marketing costs and respective ROI planned, neither have a contingency plan on the books just in case everything else goes wrong. This lack of planning usually leads to premature chaos in the business and might even be a reason for the company’s early decline.

I hope this brief explanation helped you understand the importance of defining a marketing plan for your business. However, if you don’t have the time or knowledge to write the marketing plan, this is where “The Marketing Plan Writer” can help you. From the various writing tips and ideas you will find throughout this blog, you can either focus on doing the plan yourself or you can take advantage of my writing services.


When hiring my services I will provide you with a professional, specific to your business marketing plan which will include detailed marketing strategies to take your business forward, costs involved, market analysis, financial forecasts, ROI definition, implementation timeline and detailed contigency plans along with all the other marketing plan specifications as detailed on the post where I refer to the marketing plan structure.


Once we have agreed in the plan's production I will need to be briefed by you on your business and industry. I will need you to tell me what are your main business goals, marketing budget, industry details and any other information that will help me identify how best to create your business marketing plan and associated strategy. Usually it will take me 2-3 weeks to complete the marketing plan but the time of delivery might be adjusted depending on how soon you will need it concluded. However, there will be an associated fee if you ask me to take less than 2 weeks to complete the marketing plan. Once I take on the project I will be available for contact via e-mail ( and via skype or MSN. I will also require you to provide me with a relevant means of contact through where I can reach you if any questions come up while working on the plan. Contact me via e-mail at to find out more about how I can help.

You will not find any other marketing professional willing to take upon all the work involved in researching and writing a business marketing plan for the innovative payment plan offered here! Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to be delivered a professionally written marketing plan SPECIFIC FOR YOUR BUSINESS and market inclusive of detailed marketing campaigns, associated costs, ROI calculation, implementation timeline and detailed contingency plans. To find out in more detail what will be included in your marketing plan please read this post.