Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Are you a marketing student?

As an undergraduate or postgraduate marketing student, in various occasions you will be asked to elaborate marketing plans or will be involved in even more complex projects which, in order to be fully prepared need to include a marketing plan. Whenever you have several projects to be concluded within a short period of time or you are not sure of how best to start producing your plan, the “Marketing Plan Writer” services are here to support you. I will help with the research and production of a marketing plan SPECIFIC TO YOUR PROJECT where you can be based to carry out your own work before delivering it to your teachers. I do not incentive plagiarism therefore, I provide you with the full structure and key topics related to your work so that you can finalize the marketing plan yourself within little time. You can view the basic structure of how your marketing plan's structure will be here but all appropriate adjustments will be provided by myself as well as supplying you with all the biographical and non-biographical resources from where I took all the necessary information for the plan’s production. In that way you will have not only most of the work done for you, but also guide you through all the sources used. In this way, you can also learn from the same resources I used before presenting the work to your teacher so that you are able to answer all the questions that your teacher or colleagues might enquire.


So, basically, when hiring my services I will provide you with the structure of the marketing plan including the research results of the specific market of study, bullet points of what you should be focused on for each part of the plan and a full bibliography of all the resources found during the research which will be sufficient for you to finish off the plan yourself in little time.


Once we have agreed in the plan's production I will need to be briefed by you on the project you were asked to do. You will need to send me all the relevant material that was provided by your teacher along with any guidelines on the specific marketing plan structure that you teacher asked you to follow, if any. I will need you to provide me with the deadlines and any other relevant information that will help me in the production of the marketing plan. Once I take on the project I will be available for contact via e-mail (marketing.plan.writer@gmail.com) and via skype or MSN. I will provide you with these contact details after your initial contact. E-mail me on marketing.plan.writer@gmail.com to find out more about how I can help.


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